Sunset Suite

MD Jo-Anna Walsingham-Roberts

Award winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to recommend the Sunset Suite luxury villa & lifestyle services agency.

Jo-Anna Walsingham-Roberts delivers the most stunningly memorable experiences, direct from an array of outstanding properties in hot-spots around the world.

Additional services include tailor made holidays, private island escapes, ski experiences, yacht parties and private jet globe-trots.

Jo has access to exclusive high profile red carpet events globally along with multitudinous top class concierge services upon request.

I highly recommend speaking with Jo for your next luxury villa jetaway!
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO

Oliver Myles Events

Award winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to partner with Olive Myles Events a boutique events agency, perfectly placed to organise your next memorable experience.

With 20 years industry experience Managing Director Melanie Langley & team have perfected the art of executing events that leave a lasting impression.

Oliver Myles manage every aspect of an event from sourcing the perfect venue, musicians, catering, lighting and entertainment.

I highly recommend Melanie & team at Oliver Myles, true experts at creating events
with a lasting impression.
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO

Zedra Group

Director, Charlotte Murtagh

Award winning winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to partner with Zedra Group
specialist global providers of Active Wealth, Corporate and Fund solutions

ZEDRA has the expertise and the experience to support all clients aviation needs.
Director, Charlotte Murtagh & team seamlessly manage all the requirements associated with aircraft and yacht ownership whilst meeting legal and regulatory compliance.

ZEDRA can provide bespoke corporate ownership solutions that are tax and VAT efficient.

If you are a private owner, a family office, corporate owner or advisor ZEDRA can help you cut through the complexities for this type of asset class.

I highly recommend Charlotte Murtagh and the Zedra team for expert advice on wealth, corporare & fund solutions.
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO

Solutions Asset Finance

Head of Aviation

Award winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to partner with recommend Solutions Asset Finance, experts in aviation finance.

Paul Walsingham, Head of Aviation provides clients with highly personable, in-depth knowledge of all  , areas of aviation finance, re-finance, sales and leasing.

I highly recommend Paul & team for expert advice on aviation & asset finance.
Christopher Williams-Martin, CEO FlyEliteJets

Ciro Global Risks

Hon James Brazier

Award winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to partner with Ciro Global, leaders in the field of business and government and intelligence.

James and the team at Ciro Global possess deep knowledge of international dealings and a track record of success overcoming commercial challenges at the highest levels of governments.
Ciro Global can provide the full intelligence services from information gathering, global investigations, asset tracing, pre-event analysis through to  post-event implementation.

Ciro Global act for governments, sovereign entities, major corporations,
financial institutions and law firms.

I highly recommend James and his team at Ciro Global for clients seeking
the competitive edge in business intelligence, strategy and commercial negotiations.
Christopher Williams-Martin, CEO FlyEliteJets

Partners Fly Elite Jets


Charlotte Dodson

Award winning private jet company, FlyEliteJets, are delighted to partner with celebrity yoga instructor, Charlotte Dodson who has developed “FLYWELL”the in-flight interactive wellness platform.

The award winning FLYWELL program provides personal instruction from Charlotte on correct breathing, yoga and relaxation techniques to promote happiness, health and wellbeing during their journey.

FlyWell is the go-to platform for creative and beneficial physiological health practices.

“The collaboration of award wiining FLYWELL and FlyEliteJets was a natural progression for us.
Charlotte teaches a wide range of VIP’s (including Middle Eastern Royalty) and FlyEliteJets manage the private jets and travel for many of the same clientele” says Georgina Dodson (Managing Director, FLYWELL).

“FlyEliteJets puts its passengers health and wellbeing at the top of the agenda. Providing our passengers with very-best, cutting-edge technology to help them stay happy and healthy whilst flying made the collaboration with FlyEliteJets and FLYWELL a winning collaboration”.

I highly recommend Charlotte’s groundbreaking platform for health, happiness and wellbeing both on the ground and inflight.
Christopher Williamns-Martin, CEO, FlyEliteJets


Carlos Cadenas

FlyEliteJets the award winning private jet company are proud to announce the first private jet partnership with multi award winning caviar producer RioFrio, the world’s first organic caviar.

FlyEliteJets sought out RioFrio upon recommendation of triple Michelin star chef, Gordon Ramsay who personally visited RioFrio and priased RioFrio caviar for its exceptional taste and texture.

Sturgeon in the Caspian are over fished and close to extinction.
The methods of catching them are often brutal showing little care for the fish’s welfare which results in stressed fish and inconsistent product quality.
RioFrio’s caviar blows sturgeon caviar out of the water with quality and taste.

RioFrio sturgeon grow in pristine natural spring fed pools producing world class caviar.

I am proud to appoint RioFrio as exclusive suppliers of caviar to FlyEliteJets.
CEO Carlos Cadenas and his team have achieved what was thought to be impossible producing Sturgeon caviar in southern Spain.
RioFrio caviar has won multiple awards.

FlyEliteJets clients will be able to enjoy this fantastic caviar at 45,000ft
wherever they choose to fly.

I congratulate Carlos and highly recommend ordering your RioFrio caviar now  comercial@caviarderiofrio.comand enjoy this incredidle product.
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO

Baroque & Rose

Miriam Ciantar

FlyEliteJets the award winning private jet company are proud to partner with the first organic, luxury skincare company Baroque & Rose.

CEO Miriam Ciantar has produced beauty and wellness products using the finest, raw, organic products which feed and care for skin, the body and mind.
FlyEliteJets takes passenger wellbeing seriously and sought a unisex beauty brand that produces products that can help our passengers maintain skin hydration and body wellness when they travel.
Baroque & Rose products are chemical free and use only organic ingrediants in their entire product range ensuring what clients put on their skin is safe and of the highest quality.

“Our beautiful range is created for unisex use and for all ages and skin types.
The aim is to nourish, rejuvenate, hydrate and give the ‘food’ our skin needs on a daily basis, our organic products are kind to your skin and to our earth.
Hand crafting our products from sustainable organic farming and much love we strive to create premium skin care, while taking our responsibility past the point of purchase.
All our packaging is bio-degradable and recyclable”.Miriam Ciantar

We are delighted to partner with Miriaim and her team at Baroque & Rose.
FlyEliteJets clients will be able to try the Baroque & Rose product range when they FlyEliteJets.
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO

Beyond Curated

MD Linda Hugo

Award winning private jet company FlyEliteJets are proud to recommend exclusive experience specialists Beyond Curated.

With access behind the scenes within some of the United Kingdom’s most important Royal Palaces, clients are able to experience these settings privately, with individual viewings of the Royal Collections and private fine dining within exceptional historic buildings.

Experiences include a VIP helicopter to a Royal Palace for a private tour & fine dining experience and a rare Diamond Master Class. Beyond Curated will arrange an unforgettable day for you.

I highly recommend speaking with Beyond Curated Director, Linda Hugo to discuss a bespoke experience for your next special occasion.
Christopher Williams-Martin-CEO